Volume 1

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It all started when ... 

I started posting some of the pretty images I gathered from my failed experiments on Twitter and other social media outlets. Microscopy images were some of my most viewed and shared media and it struck me how effective they were at communicating science content.  Fellow neuroscience Tweeps urged me to make a coffee table book and on a whim of procrastination, Interstellate was born in May 2016. Through social media and several hundred cold e-mails, I started collecting images from my colleagues-- many of which were stashed away, never to be seen by the public. For Volume 1, I collected over 100 images from ~80 scientists in 9 different countries!


With the help of many many people, 7 months later the digital copy of Volume 1 magazine went live. 

In November 2016, 780 gloss copies were printed and distributed for free at the annual Society for Neuroscience Conference-- made possible by generous sponsor donations.  Special thanks to Aadil Bharwani for help with SfN distribution.

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