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Recent press for Caitlin and Interstellate

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NIH Director's Blog - "Cool Videos: Flashes of Neuronal Brilliance"

When you have a bright idea or suddenly understand something, you might say that a light bulb just went on in your head. But, as the flashing lights of this very cool video show, the brain’s signaling cells, called neurons, continually switch on and off in response to a wide range of factors, simple or sublime ....

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MIT News - "Interstellate: Celebrating the the beauty of neuroscience"

"Experiments fail all the time and the images just get buried. People don’t really get to see that side of science. At the end of the day, they aren’t really failed experiments. They help us generate better methods and come up with better hypotheses.”

A fifth-year graduate student in the lab of Assistant Professor Kay Tye, Vander Weele recently launched Interstellate, a neuro-art pictorial magazine, to share these images with the world ....

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Neurographic - "The yearbook of the brain"

If ever there was a prom for neuroscientists, SfN is surely it. Every year, the Society for Neuroscience meeting attracts some 30,000 researchers, students and journalists to vast exhibit halls with promises of groundbreaking scientific results and overpriced food. Any decent prom needs a yearbook, of course, and this year Interstellate delivered ....