Mission Statement

 Logo by Christine Ramen Lui of  Two Photon Art

Logo by Christine Ramen Lui of Two Photon Art


What happens to all the images generated from failed experiments?  Typically nothing.  They are stored away for no one to see or appreciate. This is where Interstellate steps in.

Interstellate is a  outreach initiative aimed at promoting neuroscience awareness through art.  Fellow neuroscientists from all over the world have donated their beautiful brain images  to Interstellate for educational purposes [].

In addition to our Twitter account [@interstellate_], images are transformed into a digital and print magazine.  Navigate to the Volume 1 page to learn more about our debut.

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Outreach & Education. What is the brain made of? What do different parts do? How do we study it? And why should my tax money pay for brain research? These are all questions I have heard from my friends and family. Answering some of these questions is the primary goal of Interstellate. I hope Interstellate provides some insight into how the brain works, what it is made of, how we study it, and why it is important. While Interstellate is first debuting in the neuroscience community, the goal is to eventually reach our broader communities.

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Celebration. Science is not easy and the publication of research projects can take years! The secondary goal of Interstellate is to celebrate all of the components of scientific research - from the images generated from breakthrough findings to the experiment that didn't quite go right. Interstellate provides a platform for all neuroscience images to be seen and celebrated. Inspiration. After a hard day at the bench, beautiful brain images motivate and inspire me. I hope that Interstellate can provide inspiration to the neuroscience community by showing research through several different lenses and showcasing how our colleagues are tackling brain questions. I also hope that Interstellate provides a glimpse into what it is like to be a neuroscientist in hopes of recruiting the next generation of brain explorers.

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Art. At the very least, Interstellate is a collection of breathtaking images contributed by outstanding scientists that can be appreciated by all science curious individuals.  Participation in Interstellate is strictly on a volunteer basis. All images were donated for outreach and educational purposes, with permission from the parties involved. 

The future of Interstellate. Interstellate is a developing project and who knows what the future may hold! I hope to have a new issue every year. Stay informed by following us on Twitter & Instagram [@interstellate_]. Contact or contribute via